About me

Hello and welcome to Chic Orlando! I'm Courtney and I love to blog about my life and all things local and good around me.  My husband and I have been lucky to call the City Beautiful (a.k.a. Orlando) home for the past 5 years. I'm originally from Southern California and he's from South Africa! We love seeking out new finds in our local area and further afield. We enjoy sharing our adventures, recipes, and life together with others.

In addition to finding out cool, new things nearby, I love cooking and collecting cookbooks (you will find a lot of globally inspired recipes here) staying active (our house if full of kayaks, bikes, and the occasional small watercraft) and travel--we have been able to visit 6 countries and 11 states together and lots more on our solo travels.

I hope you are ready to be locally inspired!

Table Mountain, RSA
Griffith Observatory, California

Santa Monica Pier, California

Gold Restaurant, Cape Town

College Rugby Ball 

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