Monday, February 3, 2014


I have been absent from The City Beautiful for a while now, and I have been doing some inventory on why I haven't found time to blog. I love to write, post, and be inspired by my surroundings, however, I have come to the conclusion that I often get ahead of myself and put too much on my plate. I can often become so involved in trying what's new and what's next, that I really become overwhelmed.

I took a small inventory today, and realized that I might need to slow down a bit and not constantly think of the next job, the next city, or the next big vacation. Just take a look at what I have been up to since graduating:

11 jobs- I don't stick with it if it's not for me!
5 moves- Once across the USA!
1- Wedding. So much planning!
3 Rounds of grad school apps
3 Years of grad school (and counting)
1 Name change
1 Trip to Africa

This list is short, but all of it has been time consuming and rather stressful. I have decided to calm down a bit- lately I have been looking at new jobs, buying a house, going to school, and traveling (as usual) for work.  Also, I have been planning a second trip to Africa with my husband on the 'back burner'--- I need to turn off the back burner for now and focus on myself and my sanity.

I am also trying to free myself from some of the vast, all engrossing consumerism that is our daily lives. This means unsubscribing from many store emails, logging off pinterest and facebook.

I will however keep my blog, as I control its content and messaging, and The City Beautiful will remain a place to remember to enjoy your local life and those in it.

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