Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Desi Wedding

If you follow my Pinterest page you may have noticed some recent pins under a board I dubbed "Bollywood Fabulous". This is all due to my good friend Shaeeka's (pronounced Shy-ka) wedding (and my need for outfit inspiration!). I had the pleasure of attending her Haldi ceremony and wedding, and I am happy to share some of  the beautiful colors and sights from this gorgeous wedding!

These photos are from the Haldi, which is a a ceremony similar to a rehearsal dinner; there are a few small differences, the bride and groom are paraded in with gifts and each guest takes a turn applying a turmeric paste to the faces of the couple. The turmeric paste is supposed to make both the bride and groom 'glow' (making sure their skin looks fab for the wedding the next day) and it allows each guest to have a personal moment with the couple and give them their best wishes.


I stopped by the hall before the ceremony to get a few pics. Here is a table with turmeric and sweets for the couple.
Turmeric paste and fancy tray 

The groom arrives to the hall with his family and presents gifts, along with the bride's outfit for the night.

The outfit and jewelry is delivered to the bride before she arrives.

All the girls help the bride get ready

Yellow is the traditional Haldi color for the bride.

Everything from shoes to bangles is delivered.

Shaeeka's mom on her wedding day! Too cute :)

Shaeek'as outfit was very elaborate and took a bit of time!

We finally got to the hall and brought in gifts and sang as we entered.

Shaeeka and her husband are presented to everyone 

Now time for photos and the ceremony. This is Shaeek'as family and her groom.

My turn!

Photos from the wedding to come next!!!

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