Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Fun

So, I am a little bit late on this post- sorry! I have been busy traveling to Tallahassee for work and doggie sitting for my parents. Let me share my weekend adventure with you: 

Friday Night Dinner in Mills 50:
Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa opened a few months ago in the Mills 50 area of Orlando (my old hood). I love this area, and have enjoyed so many of the new additions to the hipster neighborhood. 
What can I say about this restaurant? It’s GREAT! It’s a traditional BBQ joint with a very industrial-chic vibe. The menu is diverse--offering tradition BBQ meats like pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken; however, Pig Floyd’s goes beyond base BBQ fare and adds in interesting Mexican and Indian inspired sides and sauces. Two of my favorite cuisine paired with BBQ= Delicious!I will definitely be back!
Here are a few photos ---I was so busy chowing down I didn’t take too many pics!

 The bar and counter come with a great view inside the kitchen.

Beers come in perfectly icy mason jars.

I got a brisket and pork combo with black beans and rice and elote. It also came with tortillas and tikka masala sauce. YUM!

Saturday in Downtown Deland:
About 30 minutes north of downtown Orland is Deland, a quaint old-Florida town and home the Stetson University. The hubby and I decided to spend our sunny Saturday exploring the city, as we had never been.
We enjoyed strolling the main drag, browsing a some antiques and artsy stores and ended our trip with a drive around the Stetson campus and a burger at Hunter’s Restaurant. I was so happy we ended up choosing this little mom and pop restaurant, it’s nothing fancy to look at but I think there is a reason it has stayed in business since 1949. I would recommend the breakfast burger- it comes with and egg, bacon, and American cheese on a grilled roll. Also, the fries are to die for and taste like piggly-wiggly fries from the Los Angeles County Fair (infamous on the chowhound food boards…)
And of course, a few pics:

Gorgeous copper topped Volusia County courthouse.

A very Southern jewelry shop.

And this little muffin who took up my whole Sunday! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will be back with more adventures next week!

Live locally inspired!

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