Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Break Orlando!

Hello! I have had lots of family visiting lately and I was so happy when I found out my good friend Susie could come down from Pittsburg to visit us in The City Beautiful (I can't think of a better spring break destination).

Susie and I go way back- college roommates, she was my bridesmaid, and friend for about 10 years! I was happy she was able to escape the cold March snow for a bit and we wanted to show her the best of Orlando while she was here.

We took Susie to several or our favorite spots: the Winter Park Farmers Market, The scenic boat tour, kayaking at Wekiva Island, and out for a fresh from Florida beer at Local Roots. Enjoy some pics below of our spring break adventure!
Susie enjoys a mimosa at the Briar Patch Restaurant after our trip to the farmer's market

Our farmer's market bounty 

Fried green tomatoes and cheese grits 


Waiting for our boat, it was a little windy! 

Charlie was a fantastic tour guide!

Traveling through the canals

It got a little tight in one of the tunnels!

The floating Christmas tree of the Island of Sicily

Enjoying some Kombucha and brews at the East End Market 

The gorgeous edible garden at he East End Market 

More beautiful greens 

Our Sunday two mile kayak in Wekiva

We saw lots of wildlife

Spot the gator!

I couldn't help but snap this pic over the spring source in Wekiva.

Happy Spring Break Y'all!

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  1. Briarpatch, Farmer's Market, East End & Kayayking?! Sounds like my kind of day (:

    Looks like you had tons of fun.