Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bahamas Cruise

Last weekend my husband and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise with his parents, grandma, and cousins from Seattle; it was our first cruise together and we had such a great time with family. We were  also so lucky that Gareth's brother is a singer on board the ship, so we were able to see his show and rehearsal.
Everything about the vacations was amazing, I ate way too much food and probably had too many mojitos, but the best part was the lack of distractions. No internet, emails, twitter or anything else to pull you away from each other, it was such a special break!

Enjoy some highlights below!

Leaving Miami. The weather wasn't the best.

Brothers reunited on board the Majesty!

Our ship wasn't able to visit Coco Cay due to bad weather, so we enjoyed tropical drinks on board!

Gubbs enjoyed her virgin cocktails. 

Paradise Beach!

Family time at Paradise Beach

Me and the hubby

We ended up with a surprise curry dinner on our last night!


We met the production cast after the last show. 

Enjoying the cold deck weather!

We celebrated Josh's birthday on board.

Gareth and Gubbs on the formal evening.

A little surprise in our room.

I wish the sunshine had followed us back to Orlando! Nassau was amazing!
Live locally Inspired!

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