Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Week in Orlando

I am trying something new this week- I will give you an update of the fun things around the City Beautiful I want to try out. I have some plans for Friday night, most likely a trip to the beach or springs for Saturday (gotta beat the heat!) and a little midweek reward. Here Goes!

Friday: Wine Down at Quantum Leap Winery From 7-10pm on Friday Quantum Leap will have food trucks, live music and WINE! Of Course! I'm a big fan of Quantum Leap, here are a few snaps from our first trip to the winery.

Quantum Leap offers a California style wine tasting experience. 

Someone enjoyed the South African selections. 

Quantum Leap offers wine on tap, which was illegal in Florida until 2013!

The quaint wine taps keeps you wine fresh and at the perfect temperature.

Quantum Leap has rotating artists.

Tuesday Treat: My midweek reward is my new picking up my new Lilly Pulitzer agenda! I am a sucker for Lilly and had to preorder one for their launch party! maybe I will see you there!

What are you up to this weekend in the City Beautiful?

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  1. Great info, I've got to try Quantum .