Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer Hometown Visit

Hello! It's so nice to blog again! I feel like I can breath a bit :::finally:::  I've had a busy (but amazing) Summer. This June I was able to go back to my hometown in California and see my brother and lovely sister in law and spend time with my in-laws  After a long weekend in Southern California I drove up to San Francisco for a conference and to receive a national award (YAY me!) and then got to spend a long weekend in Napa (for another post later).

July and August were both busy as I went to another conference in Michigan and a wedding in Ohio. It was fun to check out the Midwest. . . .all posts to come!

Anywho, please check out the pics and enjoy. It is always bittersweet going home. I loved seeing my family and old friends. I was so lucky to be able to see my dear friend and maid of honor while she was in CA (she lives in London).  I was also able to eat at my favorite Mexican Restaurant LA PALOMA (which is were Gareth and I first met).  And I had a great time doing lots of hiking and going wine tasting in Temecula.


A morning hiking trip through Marshall Canyon 

A beautiful wooded area of the trail

A pincushion Protea spotted in someone's garden while we hiked. I love Proteas and used them in my wedding boquets. 

Typical dry California trail. 

My first visit to Ponte winery in Temecula! 

Ootside the tasting room at Ponte Winery 

I loved the exposed beams in the tasting room!

Enjoying some wine with the in laws and our cousin Josh. 

I really miss Mexican food! I ate this entire taco and enchilada!

More adventures to follow soon! 

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